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Results of the 4rd stage of "Why Kosmosky?" contest

Hi there! Today, on November 3, 2017, we are ready to announce the results of the fourth stage of our "Why Kosmosky?" contest. This time, participants had to answer the following three questions: "What do you do?", "What can you be proud of in your life?", "Who/what would you like to play the tank drum for?”.

It was a real pleasure for us to read your ideas and thoughts! We were excited to learn more about such wonderful people that live on our planet. It gives us strength, so we keep on developing and going forward! Thank you so much!


This month, we are able to present our pen-pals with six tank drums. Four of them will be sent to the Russian participants and two more will be delivered to the guys who live abroad. In addition, all the participants of the fourth contest stage can buy any Kosmosky tank drum with a 15% discount from November 3 to December 30, 2017. Please note that they are not cumulative with any other discounts from the previous contest stages.


Ta-daaah! Tank drums go to:


- Maksim Igorevich Makarenko, Dimitrovgrad: we support you and your dream to change the world for the better; we wish you inspiration and strength!

- Margarita Viktorovna Ardasheva, Stavropol: send our warmest greetings to your friend Tygyngun J we wish you lots of joy and creativity and hope that someday little Tygyngun will appear in our animated music videos and share his story. By the way, as for candles, stay tuned for our videos, and soon you’ll see how a tank drum can literally warm you in the winter!

- Anatoly Sergeyevich Shcherban, Podolsk: we always wanted to help visually impaired people establish contact with a tank drum. Thank you for your kind words; you are a wonderful and an interesting person. Looking forward to reading your other stories and to keeping in touch!

- Victoria Aleksandrovna Novikova, Saint-Petersburg: unleash your potential and help others do the same! We wish you to relax and rest a bit more often, so let a tank drum be your faithful companion! Thank you!

- Josiane Doummar, Montreal, Canada: we are deeply touched by your letter, so let your music sound beautiful everywhere and for everyone! We are really delighted that you wrote us!

- Mary Lauth, Addison, USA: play it, get inspired and inspire others! Let the sound help you and bring you pleasure!

We hereby THANK everyone who took part in this contest and shared their thoughts, dreams, and moments of their lives with us! It’s amazing! We look forward to getting your new letters, comments, reviews, photos, videos and recordings after receiving your tank drums! Stay tuned!

And our contest goes on. This time, it’s dedicated to Christmas and New Year, so it finishes on December10, 2017, as we should manage to send all tank drums for you to get them on the eve of these holidays. As for the new contest stage, we ask you to answer the following questions: "What do you strive for? What dream do you want to come true in 2018?", "What is your wish for Planet Earth in the new year?", "Which Kosmosky tank drum do you like most of all? Why?".


Fill out the form on our contest page and believe in yourself!

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