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Results of the 3rd stage of "Why Kosmosky?" contest

The third stage of our "Why Kosmosky?" contest, due to which absolutely everyone could get a tank drum for a story about them, started on September 1. Let us remind you that all participants were bound to answer only three questions: "What do you do?", "What is your dream?" and "What would you do with a Kosmosky tank drum if you had one?".


Over the course of September, we received participation applications from USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Albania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Germany, the UK, Greece, the Philippines, Singapore, Hungary and Lebanon every day. We got the total number of 194 letters from different people and even from non-human beings. One message came from an alien named Tygyngun, currently living in Stavropol, helping his earthly mother and dreaming of a tank drum. Another letter was written by a cat from St. Petersburg named Bagira. Even though she only has paws, Bagira is able to type texts in any editing program and wants to prove that she can become a good musician.


As always, it was apparently tough and sometimes even troublesome to choose who to give a tank drum to this time. We have been rereading all the letters several times for a few days, so we’ve even delayed the results announcement and are now begging your pardon. You know, all the people are so different and awesome that you want to do something nice for everyone.


This time we’ve decided to give away nine tank drums: five instruments to the participants from Russia and four more to the participants from foreign countries. We also offer some 30%, 15% and 10% discounts on any Kosmosky tank drums. These discounts are valid from October 2 to November 30, 2017. Note that they are not cumulative with any other discounts from the past contest stages.

Tank drums go to:


- Pablo Barrios Martí, Valencia, Spain – for your transcendent music performances with transcendent people;

- Lisa Melendez, Oscoda, MI, USA – wishing a lot of happiness for your family and good health for Nicolas;

- Nicole Ward, Boston, MA, USA – feel your soul once again and become the best version of yourself;

- Daniel Williams, Kian Owen, Jamie Tems, Reuben Thomas, Ben James Dickson, Kyle Sweeney. Amber Arimtage, Vaughan Gibbon, Lacey Evans, Neath Port Talbot in Wales, UK – wishing that each of you could perform your own music without any fears of being misunderstood;

- Salivatie Shedu Viento Art, Moscow – for Shedu, a little girl who has vast opportunities for creativity in front of her;

- Georgiy Shishlyaev, Yekaterinburg – hope that Kosmosky sounds will help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be;

- Lira Alekseeva, Orenburg – for you to help children and adults not only by giving your handmade presents, but also with cosmic melodies, composed by your soul;

- Yulia Safina, Naberezhnye Chelny – for you to be a bit closer to your dreams coming true and able to leave only positive feelings in people’s hearts;

- Elena Pashkovskaya, Velikiye Luki, Pskov Oblast – for six-year-old Alexander with the warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.

The following participants can buy any tank drum with a 30% discount:


- Mark Jayson Solinap, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan Philippines;

- Michelle Slater, Kettering, UK;

- Sabine Fratzke, Ulm, Germany;


- Alexei Petrov, Kalisz, Poland; 

- Vladislav Vakhrushev, Glazov, Udmurt Republic; 

- Natalia Spodareva, Shchekino, Tula Oblast; 

- Alisa Dmitrieva, St. Petersburg; 

- Artem Karmalit, Tambov.

These guys can buy a tank drum with a 15% discount:


- Heike Kummer, Rhodes, Greece;

- Lingesh Lavan, Singapore;

- Peter Tóth Péli, Kecskemét, Hungary;

- Carla Maria Martins Ribeiro, Porto, Portugal;

- Alberto Madonna, Cernusco sul Naviglio (Mi), Italy;


- Vera Filimonova, Tirana, Albania;

- Veronika Yanushevich, Sevastopol;

- Vladimir Mashchenko, Yaroslavl;

- Marina Vorozheikina, Obninsk, Kaluga Oblast;

- Egor Fedorov, St. Petersburg;

- Victoria Ivanova, Sterlitamak, Republic Of Bashkortostan;

- Ruslan Khairzamanov, Moscow;

- Olga Sinitsyna, St. Petersburg;

- Anatoliy Shcherban, Podolsk, Moscow Oblast;

- Olga Kosareva, Severodvinsk.

These participants can buy a tank drum with a 10% discount:


- Richard Hnoud, Beirut, Lebanon;

- Kin Carder, Los Angeles, USA;

- Anna Boros, Kecskemét, Hungary;

- Robert Harris, Bristol, England;

- Pedro Miguel Ferreira Gonçalves, Porto, Portugal;


- Yaroslav Bezvoshchuk, Borispol, Ukraine;

- Marta Borisova, Lugansk, Ukraine;

- Artem Litvinenko, Kiev/Brovary, Ukraine;

- Svetlana Bondakova, Murmansk;

- Olesya Stepanova, St. Petersburg;

- Viktor Borisov, Tula;

- Vitaliy Dotsko, Khabarovsk;

- Anatoliy Mysyagin, Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast;

- Yulia Kogan, Yekaterinburg;

- Anton Bazanov, Perm;

- Nikita Rekhov, Vologda;

- Miroslav Kolotilin, Penza;

- Olga Pavlova;

- Anton Kozlov, Zheleznodorozhny;

- Bagira, St. Petersburg.

We hereby THANK everyone who wrote kind words to Kosmosky, created poems and songs and didn’t hesitate to be themselves and participate in our contest. By the way, "Why Kosmosky?" is going on! In the fourth stage of the contest all participants are bound to answer the following questions: "What do you do?", "What can you be proud of in your life?", "Who/what would you like to play the tank drum for?”.


Fill out the form on our contest page and believe in yourself. Ax for us, we’ll keep surprising and gladden you, as we’ve already come up with the way how to do it. Soon we’ll tell you about a new project that is going to be the continuation of our "Why Kosmosky?" contest. This time everyone will not only have an opportunity to get a tank drum for a story about them, but will also be able to play their own cosmic tune. The rest of the details will be revealed later, but we can already assure you that we’ll give attention to each participant of all the past stages of "Why Kosmosky?".

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