Kosmosky tank drum scales

We have collected in one place all the available tank drum tunings that we have come up with over the past 6 years. Each of them is the result of numerous experiments with sound. Here you can find the tunings for our conventional models, as well as the tunings for the so-called “Dvutones”, a new generation of tank drums with a richer and clearer sound that will definitely appeal to real connoisseurs of those marvelous instruments.
If you fail to find the tuning you want to order in the drop-down menu, select any other tuning for the desired tank drum model and specify the name of the tuning you would like to have in the comments to the order when placing it.


Dvutones constitute a new stage in the development of steel tongue drums. Due to the large number of overtones, they cannot be tuned with a standardized electronic tuner used for tuning conventional drum models, so the Dvutones must be tuned with the use of specialized software. Owing to their tongues and body design, the sound of Dvutones is purer and richer in overtones compared to conventional models.


1. Dvutone 30cm E-minor, 9 tongues
2. Dvutone 30cm B-minor, 9 tongues
3. Dvutone 35cm B-minor, 11 tongues
4. Tritone 30cm A-minor, 10 tongues
5. Dvutone 30cm G-major, 9 tongues
6. Dvutone 35cm A-minor, 10 tongues
7. Dvutone 30cm E-m11a, 11 tongues
8. Dvutone 30cm D-major, 9 tongues
9. Dvutone 30cm G-major 11e, 11 tongues

10. Dvutone 35cm B-minor 11a, 11 tongues

11. Hive Dvutone / Woody drum, 30cm A-minor, 10 tongues
12. 35cm Rhythm tank drum, 10 tongues

22 cm tank drums

Light, ringing, and literally travel-size tank drums that can be taken anywhere (they easily fit in your hand luggage).


1. Insomnia (B-minor);
2. Pygmy (C-minor);
3. F# major; 
4. Natural C-major;
5. C-major pentatonic;
6. Astral (B-minor); 
Grace (B-minor);
8. Mystic (F-minor);
9. D-major pentatonic;
10. D-minor pentatonic;
11. E-major;
12. E-minor.

2-sided 30 cm tank drums

30cm tank drums sound binaural, have a convenient size meaning that they are not too heavy to be taken outdoors. Double-side models are more versatile in terms of music making and have a peculiar effect of circulating sound produced due to several tongues tuned in unison on both sides. One-side models sound a little deeper due to the all-metal lower part.


1. Bright East (Shiraz E + Astral B-minor);
2. Elbrus (A#-major + C-minor)
3. Forest (B major + D# minor); 
4. Orphean (Insomnia B-minor + Mixolydian E); 
5. Muse (B-minor + Mystic E-minor); 
6. Keystone (D-minor + C-major); 
7. Contrast (B-minor + Mixolydian E);
8. Sunrise (C-major hexatonic + D-minor pentatonic);

9. Field (E-minor + D-major);

10. Classic (C-major + A-minor).

1-sided 30 cm tank drums

2-sided 35cm tank drums

Tank drums of 35cm have an even deeper sound owing to their body volume. The sound range is slightly lower compared to the models of 30cm. We recommend choosing double-side tunings for such large tank drums, since we believe that the drums’ weight (which is about 6kg) and size should be justified due to the instrument’s extended features.


1. Exit (B-minor + E-minor);
North (Mystic C-minor + A#-major pentatonic); 
3. Unicorn (Akebono F#-minor + A major pentatonic); 
4. Surf (G minor + D minor);
Night (A# minor + F minor);
Ocean (D-minor + C-major)

1-sided 35 cm tank drums

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