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Live stream November 5th

We'll play tank drums, speak about music and answer your questions.

Glucophone (or "tank drum") is a steel tongue drum (petal drum). Thanks to the tank drum, any person is independently of age and sex, can help yourself to develop musical hearing and sense of rhythm. Enough to listen to yourself and let intuition work.

2 masters | 2 workshop | 2 visions at one instrument
Alexey Zinchenko and Alexander Bliznetsov founders and masters of Kosmosky & Aleksoundrum
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During the LIVE stream,the ideologists and the masters, with their hands creating masterpieces made of the steel sheets, extraordinary space instruments, will tel you about their ways, acquaintance with music, inprovement of musical hearing and sense of the rhythm with the help of the tank drum.

Everyone has musical hearing and sense of rhythm, they are included into the biology of the organism by nature, but many people are very embarrassed.

The whole block of the program will be devoted to answers questions, exercises on the development of hearing and rhythm, the device of musical harmony, searching of beautiful milodies, improvisation and at all music development of the person in the whole. 

Prepare your questions and receive any responses & recommendations in the direct air! Let everyone knows how simple and easily can play and compose the beautiful music!

During the whole stream, you will see performaces with tank drums jointly with other instruments, small master class for children and joint improvisation. Join the stream, it will be cool, interesting and useful! 

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