Tank drum and Steel tongue drums - Welcome to the Universe of Kosmosky!


We are Kosmosky team and we create gluckophones / tank drums (from German «glück» meaning «happiness»)

which are considered as ones of the most unusual and advanced musical instruments of our time. Here you can buy tank drum.


All Kosmosky tongue drum for sale are made by hand from high carbon steel. To make it, we use propane tank covers that undergo hot stamping. Every petal is tuned to a particular note according to its size. The larger the petal is the lower the tone becomes and vice versa. All the notes of every tank drum are part of a selected tonality. Therefore, a tank drum always sounds harmonious and is very easy to play.

Rest with steel tank drums


A tank drum (steel tongue drum for sale) is a meditative petal drum that helps you have rest, focus on yourself, fantasize and travel through your inner world.


Anyone can play best steel tongue drum: those who want to develop a good sense of rhythm and educate the ear, and those who need relaxation after a hard working day, those who have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, and those who want to bring something unusual into their lives, as well as those who really want to get in touch with the space.


Everyone can put a tankdrum to good use and reach potential due to its magical sound. A tank drum is a great example of nonexistence of strict rules in our world.

There are no strict rules -
just play metal hand drum on your intuition


When playing this instrument, people express themselves in the here and now.


Some people just play by note or perform a cover of their favorite song, and others play

in a random but ecstatic way, having caught the flow on metal tongue drum

A tank drum is a traditional instrument of the XXI century, a real drum of harmony which helps you not only hear music in a novel way, but also perceive yourself.

A tank drum is an overtone instrument, which is similar to a bell in that respect. That is why its sound has a soft and soothing effect. When playing the steel tongue hand drum, a person feels its harmonious sound and aims for total harmony. While playing, you can suddenly get some inspiration or a fresh perspective on problem solving. Musical improvisation involving a tank drum contributes to right-brain development, and hence human creativity.

— Get your inspiration, create and go beyond daily routine!

We wish you to find your own music and your Kosmosky.