Kosmosky Team Performing New Song

Anton Shanty, a good friend of ours and a member of Kosmosky team, has recently released his new song called «Vibrant ‘n’ Sweet» («Zvonko i Sladko»). It is noteworthy that the song is entirely performed with our tank drum.


Here is what Anton says about it:

Each of us tends to lean toward illusion: we think we are able to control, rule and enjoy anything we want. But what do we really control? It’s a great piece of work even to stop thinking for a moment. 

We are fully dependent, no matter whether we realize it or not. We can't know what will happen to us tomorrow, in a minute or even a second. Bang! And everything can come to an end at any moment. 

But if we think about it a little, we can conclude that there is some support and order absolutely in everything. Acknowledging my dependence on a supreme force, I get my real freedom. That’s what the song is about».

Please share your ideas related to this song in comments below. And we are looking forward to get inspired by the sounds of our tank drums to create something good and beautiful.