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Carved Shape and Pure Sound

We are pleased to announce the release of our new development – a carved tank drum. One of our craftsmen, Alexey Zinchenko, told us about the origin of such an idea:


«Once, while surfing the Internet, I came across some photos of amazingly beautiful lamps that had a carved wooden shape. With the light on, the lamps created marvelous patterns on the ceiling and walls in the room. That was real magic! As I've always been wrapped up in the process of tank drums creation and transformation, I immediately thought that it could be a great solution for our instruments».


To make sure that the light perfectly complemented tank drum sound and created a magic atmosphere, our craftsmen illuminated tongue slits of all the hank drums, including the very first one.


«In the meantime, it was very important for us not to lose the sound quality in the pursuit of visual attractiveness», Alexey says, «So at the preparatory stage I made some drafts with different area of carved surface, different elements configuration and tongues shape. The best sound quality was identified by tank drum tuning experiment, so the drawings were finished in subsequent experiments. Now I’m excited to say that I have found a perfect balance of carved shape and clean sound».


However, experiments do not end here. According to Kosmosky staff, they will try to improve their tank drums further on and implement new designs and patterns on the carved instruments.

The video is featuring the Flower of Life tank drum with a diameter of 30 cm, tuned in accordance with Astral B minor that has delicate and airy sound. This tank drum supplied with lighting is available for order at our Store.

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