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New Website Launch

We have been working on our new website development for some months. We wanted all visitors not only to see our tank drums at their best, but also to discover something exciting and fascinating.


One of the most informative sections of the new website is «About tank drums», which provides a brief history of this unusual instrument. And its sequel we be written with your assistance.


Having got the tank drum basics in «Origin», you can see a selection of photos on the «Photos» page. «Video» section provides you with an opportunity to see how to play the tank drum, and is also featuring Viktor Tsoi song covers, and some pieces from The Nutcracker ballet performed by us.

«Sound» page should be useful for everyone, as it demonstrates all kinds of Kosmosky tank drum tuning. Choose the one that suits you best! Just don't forget to use your headphones to experience a real space effect of tank drum melodies.


If you have any questions related to the way or the techniques of tank drum playing, check out the Q&A page, displaying frequently asked questions. Anyway, feel free to ask us anything.


«Reviews» is the most emotional page on our new website, as it displays lots of warm and kind words from Kosmosky tank drums owners. We reread all the texts with pleasure and look forward to getting the new ones!

The next stop of your trip through our Universe should be our «Store». Here you will see available tank drums and will be able to purchase any of them, as well as to place a personal order. Our tank drums can’t wait to be taken to start producing charming sounds and bring happiness all around.

You can learn something new about music and its influence of humans, meditate and just relax from the hustle and bustle in our «Recreation Room». There you will find interesting articles, travel essays and interviews.


If you want to learn about Kosmosky team, their plans for future performances, workshops and master classes, new experiments and special offers, welcome to the «News» page.


We always want to improve and work on ourselves, so your comments are very important and valuable to us! Feel free to share your opinions on our updated website, give us new ideas for the portal improvements, or even send your own articles to our e-mail: We are currently completing our sections.


Wishing you to find your cosmic music and safe travel through the Universe of Kosmosky! 

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