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Trip to Tula

In some cases there is no use writing a lot to convey the point. It can be enough just to «pull» a few «threads» of memories to reveal the whole matter. Feeling free to be yourself, doing what you want and being in the flow – it's all about our trip to Tula. 

Tula reminds us of NICE Hostel and the food court on the 3rd floor of Spar shopping mall, promenades inside the Kremlin and in the city centre, curious ducks and splashy waves of the Upa river. We kindly thank Sergey Karasev for the city tour, interesting urban legends and the company. Sergey also took us to Khvoshch (Horsetail) art-cafe where we played the tank drums on March 18. Our performance was short (only about 20 minutes) but sincere and heartwarming.

At first we doubted that they would sing this mantra along with us, but the more Shanty was dissolving in the tank drum sounds and repeating those charming words, the more voices were filling the space, creating stereophonic and clean sounding. We wanted to stay in that moment forever. And so it happened.

There were some more joyful moments, for instance, when we were listening to Roman, a one-man band, and his friends, or Alexander Penzensky playing the flute. Besides, we enjoyed different varieties of tea at the tea ceremony and bright, honest faces with kind eyes. Everywhere.


Thank you Tula! We’ve taken the plunge into you, imagining that you’re a vast ocean made of happy moments and great people. That is the main thing.

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