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How the Earth sounds

Back in the day we made our first tank drum in F-sharp major scale (F#) upon Alexander Yakimenko’s (our customer) request. Alexander told us that according to Pythagoras’s works related to sacred geometry and music, F# major is a chord of the entire universe sound and a sacred flower of life.


After that, in April 2016 we made a tank drum having 35 cm in diameter in the same scale. It always seemed special and unique for us, and that wasn’t only our opinion. When playing it, we had a feeling of enthusiasm, tranquility and confidence, so we associated such kind of mood with «the Power of the Earth». We’ve recently uploaded a video presenting this awesome tank drum. We watched it before and really enjoyed the sound. Thus, it became the reason to find more information on F-sharp major scale. So here are the findings.


Every cell and organ of our body has its own frequency. Moreover, everything that surrounds us including our planet also has a frequency. Obviously, our planet sounds in F# major.

The experiments conducted by Tom Danley in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid and in the chambers above it made it possible to suppose that the pyramid had been constructed for some «acoustic use». Danley determines four constant frequencies or notes which are reinforced by the pyramid’s structure and materials used during its construction. The notes compose a F# chord that became a harmonic foundation of our planet according to Ancient Egyptian texts. In addition, Danley’s experiments demonstrate that these sounds (or notes) can be heard in the King’s chamber even if everything is silent. The frequency of these notes is from 16 to 0.5 Hz, and it’s too low for humans to hear. According to Danley, these vibrations are caused by the wind blowing through the ends of the so-called ventilation shafts. You can make such a sound when blowing into a bottleneck.

They say that the F note is in harmony with the Anahata heart chakra. The heart chakra is the place of the true self and the spirit. The spirit is awakened only in a pure and open heart and lets us feel the world’s endless joy and perceive the meaning and purpose of our lives. The G note is in harmony with Vishuddha. The Vishuddha chakra represents the age of mankind evolution when there was a need for harmony and collective coexistence. It symbolizes the unified nature of humanity and the man's ability to rise above petty differences as well as the desire to see the unity of the spirit.

As a result, we have a reason to believe that the sharp note from F to G represents a transitional stage and means that humans should make their own efforts for their further evolution. Thus, the Pyramid’s vibrations could presumably set one’s organism for this work.

Anyway, the present age of the Earth is rather similar to the «age of mankind evolution when there was a need for harmony and collective coexistence».



Hope this video will make you think of frequencies, planets, pyramids or something else. And F-sharp major scale will help you reveal yourself.


Wish you happiness! Stay united!

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