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New Wave 15" 15 tongues, G-major

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New Wave 15 G major of 38 cm with 15 tongues

Meet the best steel tongue drum for learning and practicing, creating music, playing covers, studio recording, and live performances.

It provides the range of 2 octaves, the opportunity to play intervals and whole chords with one hand, and one of the most popular keys in music. At the same time, the steel tongue drum remains intuitive and easy to master.

Express yourself, compose, learn, play popular tunes and definitely try singing to New Wave 15.

Its sound is rich, soft, and deep, it doesn't have any metallic side tone due to its large diameter and special metal alloy.

Choose the electroacoustic version of New Wave 15 and unlock a new level. Microphones are no longer needed to record high-quality sound. Apply any external effects: reverberation, echo, or even distortion.

If you want to go even further, add New Wave 10 G# and get a chromatic scale of two octaves and 25 notes. We've called the duo of these drums the New Wave Symphony.

This is a revolution in the world of steel tongue drums. Play, discover new harmonies, enjoy the sound, and get amazed at your new achievements with New Wave.

- Material: steel;
- Weight - 3.5 kg;
- Scale - G-major;
- Diameter - 38 cm (15");
- Providing tracking information.

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