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New Wave 13" 9 tongues, electroacoustic

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Kosmosky tank drum is not just a musical instrument - this is a personal device for relaxing, meditation, and intuitive musical education.
Our drums are made of high-carbon steel, they have original design and perfect tuning.

- Material: steel;
- Type : electroacoustic;
- Weight - 2,5 kg;
- Scale - B-minor
- Diameter - 32 cm (13");
- Providing tracking information.

The electroacoustic version of the instrument provides a completely new level of sound.
Due to the built-in pickup system designed specifically for tongue drums, new opportunities have arisen: now you can amplify and record the instrument’s sound with no external microphones and receive high-quality sound.
With the use of digital and analog effects, you can achieve a unique atmosphere, and a qualitatively enhanced sound will help the instrument take its place in any band or orchestra, as well as reach its listener in the farthest concert hall rows.
You simply connect Gul via Jack 6.5 to the sound card, mixer, combo amplifier, pedal or effects processor. 

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