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BARBIEDRUM New Wave 15" 15 tongues, G-major

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After the release of the legendary film we decided to create an instrument that Barbie could use to find inner peace and harmony beyond Barbieland.

Introducing Barbiedrum. A unique instrument that you can either win in the giveaway in our Instagram or make a preorder. This offer is limited and available only until October 16, 2023.

is a stylish, high-tech, electroacoustic steel tongue drum from the New Wave collection, exclusive in pink color. It not only allows you to intuitively create your own compositions but also play melodies from movies. And thanks to the pickup, you can record them in excellent quality.

Barbiedrum New wave 15’’ —  sound sample.

This is a completely new and one-of-a-kind instrument created for professional musicians. However, it is perfect for all tongue drums lovers.

This steel drum has as many as 15 notes — two octaves of the diatonic scale from G3 to G5, which form the full scale of the G major key and make it easy to improvise, compose music, and perform well-known tunes.  The detailed tongue positioning is the best and handiest for playing and learning: all the notes are arranged sequentially from low to high ones; in the center, there is a large tonic tongue. The system of interval and chord formation is also extremely clear: a pair of tongues located next to each other form an interval – a third, three neighboring ones form the basic chords of the key, and the next but one tongues are fifths.

This drum is still an intuitive musical instrument but with great opportunities for learning and development. It is a little harder to start playing and improvising on it right away, but after having mastered it, the instrument will open up much deeper. A large number of beautiful harmonies, intervals, chords, and melodic moves will surprise you and open new horizons every time, constantly cultivating your interest in learning. A wide range of sounds helps you select and learn a number of popular tunes, as well as fully compose your own ones. It is easy and convenient to learn to play this instrument and to build a music learning system for children and adults. The instrument weighs about 7 pounds.

- Material: steel;
- Weight - 3.5 kg;
- Color - Pink;
- Scale - G-major;
- Diameter - 38 cm (15");
- Providing tracking information.

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