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How to play tank drum? Part 4. Melodies

PLAYING  "CHARACTER" tANK DRUM , pentatonic A-minor

 You can use diverse techniques when playing the tank drum. Lots of different tunes can be performed by a single instrument. It all depends on your beat and tempo, rhythmic patterns, pauses and time values, combinations of intervals, and sequences of notes.

 A tank drum is an intuitive instrument, and it means that everyone can learn to play it, and come up with their own melodies. In this video I’m showing some simple rhythmic figures and patterns that you can use for self-learning. As you know, there can be various tank drum scales and tonalities, so the same rhythmic patterns can sound different depending on your tank drum. Try them, listen to your instrument and don't be afraid of altering or modifying something, as this video presents only basic playing techniques. 


 The tank drum in this video is tuned in the pentatonic scale and in the key of A minor, the tuning is called "Character". Tank drums tuned in the pentatonic scale are perfectly suitable for beginners.

 If you still wonder how to play tank drum tunes, how to keep a steady beat, and which tank drum scale or tuning to choose, just leave your questions in comments, and I’ll answer them all with pleasure, or will even make another video with a detailed response and examples.


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