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How to play tank drum? Part 1. Basic principles in playing

You should listen to your tank drum.

 Every tank drum embodies a harmony and melodious intervals. We can say that harmonious tunes are “integrated” into it.


 So the learning process basically comes down to the development of different techniques of sound generation, but the most important thing is to LISTEN to the instrument, to find the intervals which resonate with your inner world and make you hear a tune. The most difficult things in learning are not to dissipate your attention to the tank drum as a whole, and not to make cacophony. You should find combinations of two or three sounds or tongues and beat them, then find the other ones, change or mix them, and thus train your ear.


 Watch this video, ask questions, leave your comments below, and help this video spread, like and repost it :) I will surely help you and answer all your questions in my next videos, or will even make an individual video tutorial.


 In case you want to buy a tank drum, we will gladly help you choose its tuning scale and will clarify all the details. Of course, it’s better to choose a tank drum in a store where you can try to play it and listen to it. Our tank drums are available for purchase in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Krasnodar, you can always drop in to see us or order home delivery.


 Have a nice day!

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