«Aztec Sun Stone» 22cm (9")

The Aztec Sun Stone is standing by the world. If we look at it, we will see the experience of generations of «other» people and a reproach to the «civilized» humanity for greed and cruelty.

The powerful Aztec civilization ceased to exist several hundred years ago, but new evidence of its existence can be still found in Central America and makes us explore the legacy of a unique culture which developed separately from the rest of the world.

The extant stone is featuring the universe in the Aztecs’ perception. According to them, it includes the space, the sun, Indian gods, the calendar, and shows the man's place therein.

Kosmosky tank drum is not just a musical instrument - this is a personal device for relaxing, meditation, and intuitive musical education.
Our drums are made of high-carbon steel, they have original design and perfect tuning.

- Material: High-carbon steel;
- 8 tongues - 8 notes (tones);
- Scale -  Insomnia (B-mnor)  ;
- "Aztec Sun Stone" design;
- Diameter - 22 cm (9");
- A pair of mallets is included;
- A bag is included (random color);
- Providing tracking information;
- ID 1507.
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