Results of the 2nd stage of "Why Kosmosky?" contest

The second stage of our "Why Kosmosky?" contest took place in August, so everyone on Earth had the opportunity to be given a tank drum for a story about them. Let us remind you that in order to participate in this contest you were to answer just three questions: "What do you do?", "What is the main thing in life for you?" and "Why do you need Kosmosky?".


According to the previous stage of the contest that was held in July, we received 190 emails from different cities and countries, and as it was incredibly hard to choose the most deserving participant among them, we gave away as many as 12 tank drums. This time we got 204 unique participation applications, therefore it became even more difficult to determine who should get a Kosmosky tank drum.


Of all the emails we received, 27 were from abroad: they came from Australia, the USA, France, Italy, the UK, Poland, the Philippines, Spain, Hungary, Cyprus, Austria, Canada, Indonesia and Estonia. Moreover, 31 people (from Russia, Ukraine and some foreign countries) took part in the contest again, which was really good news – we were pleased to see familiar faces and to read what was going on in these people’s lives in another month.


We eventually decided to give five tank drums to the participants from Russia and five more instruments to the participants from foreign countries, and also offer some 30% and 50% discounts on Kosmosky tank drums. Discounts are valid from September 1 to October 31, 2017 for those who participated in the competition in August.


Tank drums go to:


- Santana Hard-Corr, Woodbridge, UK – wishing joy for your family and happiness for people around you, which you’ll surely get with the cosmic music;

- Mindy Kollar, Ohio, USA – we believe in magic and know that cherished dreams come true, now you can believe in it as well;

- Louise Gemma ('Natalie Costa'), Nicosia, Cyprus – we wish the best future for your family and believe that only happy and bright days are yet to come;

- Michaela Herbert, California, USA – hope you’ll get well really soon and play the most incredible tank drum tune the world haven't heard yet;

- Harry Carlo Costa, Limassol, Cyprus – keep being such a sincere and frank person with an open heart and a twinkle in your eye;

- Julia Romanova, Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan – we hope that your son will become a real music genius with the help of our tank drum;

- Ksenia Bezrukova, Novosibirsk/Moscow/St.Petersburg, Russia – we believe that inspiring music can change everybody’s life for the better and give people self-belief;

- Andrei Balukov, Lugansk, Ukraine – best wishes for peace in your country and city, and prosperity for the lovely citizens;

- Anna Borisneva, Sochi, Russia – let fairy-tales fill your life every day for you not to feel lonely;

- Anna Filimonova, Chelyabinsk (Moscow), Russia – let all the unusual people in your entourage feel happy! Hope you’ll help them and become their bright beacon.

The following participants can buy any tank drum with a 50% discount:


- Nastya Blagaya (Evseeva), St.Petersburg, Russia;

- Elena Sikk, Estonia;

- Amara Campbell, Bellara, Australia;

- Péter Kertész, Debrecen, Hungary.

These guys can buy any tank drum with a 30% discount:


- Reem Khrais, Moscow, Russia; 

- Reynold Natividad, Quezon City, Philippines;

- Jordi Ferre, Santa Pola, Spain;

- Anca Mihaela Gheorghiu, Bali, Indonesia;

- Rachel Webley, Wales, UK;


- Sergey Popov, Warsaw, Poland;

- Olga Gordeeva, Sukhinichi, Kaluga Oblast, Russia;

- Alexander Shishkin, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine;

- Anastasia Guzar, Dnepr (Dnipro), Ukraine;

- Svetlana Basova, Bryansk, Russia;

- Kristina Mazur, Sochi, Russia;

- Dasha Zyrianova, Bolsheustikinskoe Village, Republic of Bashkortostan;

- Margarita Ardasheva, Stavropol, Russia;

- Ekaterina Mityaeva, Novosibirsk, Russia;

- Anastasia Dyagileva, Ryazan, Russia;

- Victoria Serikova, Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia;

- Marina Bachina, Kotlas, Arkhangelsk Oblas, Russiat;

- Dmitry Sevryukov and Irina Kozlova, Novosibirsk, Russia;

- Arina Romanova, St.Petersburg, Russia;

- Vasilina Khvostikova, Rostov-on-Don, Russia;

- Tatiana Kolesnikova, Feodosia, Crimea;

- Evgenia Lesova, Kazan, Russia;

- Violetta Klevakina, Yekaterinburg, Russia;

- Svetlana Lebedeva, Bryansk, Russia;

- Ekaterina Inozemtseva, Chekhov-2, Moscow Oblast, Russia;

- Anna Borchaninova, Glyadyanskoe Village, Kurgan Oblast, Russia;

- Alyona Andreeva, Novosibirsk, Russia;

- Anton Vakhovsky, Vuktyl, Komi Republic;

- Natalia Kochetkova, Moscow, Russia;

- Roman Babak, Odessa, Ukraine.

We appreciate each participant for sincerity and kind words sent to Kosmosky! When reading your letters every day, we were getting your juices flowing, catching the inspiration and understanding that all that was not in vain. And in case you haven’t found your name in this list, mind that it means nothing! It just happened like that in the Universe of Kosmosky and the tank drums were given to the people who urgently needed them most of all. The best for you is yet to come, just believe us.


We'll contact the participants who got tank drums and purchase discounts as soon as possible. We also remind you all that the third stage of our "Why Kosmosky?" contest starts today, on September 1. But this time the questions have changed a bit. Go to the contest page, fill out the form and believe in yourself!

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