«Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9") «Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9") «Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9") «Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9") «Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9") «Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9") «Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9") «Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9") «Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9")

«Polynesian Mask», 22 сm (9")

This piece is based on the mask of Polynesians and has the sun and the sea as a background. The sun is a sacred object for the natives of Oceania; it gives light, warmth and life itself. The sea represents a familiar environment for the people of this region; it is their food source and transport route for moving between the islands.

The mask looks a bit scary: it seems like it comes from another world, and it is no coincidence, because it serves as a guide to the world of spirits inhabited by forests and ponds that appear in human life in the form of wind, rain and thunder. A shaman wearing this mask talks to this mysterious world and attracts good fortune for the people in hunting, fishing or crafting. At the same time, a shaman scares the evil and harmful spirits away. 

Kosmosky tank drum is not just a musical instrument - this is a personal device for relaxing, meditation, and intuitive musical education.
Our drums are made of high-carbon steel, they have original design and perfect tuning.

- Material: High-carbon steel;
- 8 rounded tongues - 8 notes (tones);
- Design: Psy (Polynesian Mask)
- Scale: F#-major;
- Coating: annealing blue;
- Diameter - 22 cm (9");
- A pair of mallets is included;
- A bag is included;
- Providing tracking information.
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