"Compass" 30cm (12")

We hope that this engraving, which is an illustration of one of the most useful human inventions, will help you choose the right direction for your path in life, won’t allow to lose your bearings and will give a cue to the desired direction.

As the compass shows all cardinal points, the paths of a creative and passionate person can go to any of them; they have no obstacles, so nothing is impossible.

The piece features continents with no borders, colors and flags, reminding that Earth is home for all mankind, it’s unique, beautiful and huge, and you only need to explore and take care of it, tuning your inner compass to the Earth's magnetic field.

Kosmosky tank drum is not just a musical instrument - this is a personal device for 
relaxing, meditation, and intuitive musical education.
Our drums are made of high-carbon steel, they have original design and perfect tuning.

- Material: High-carbon steel;
- 10 tongues - 10 notes (tones);
- "Compass" design;
- Scale - Ptgmy (C-minor) - https://youtu.be/_cbx_VeRsUM ;
- Diameter - 30 cm (12");
- A pair of mallets is included;
- A bag is included (random color);
- Providing tracking information.
- ID KSY-2103.
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