— How can I order a tank drum?


You can choose, order and pay for your tank drum at our online store after filling out a special form. In case you have any problems with your choice or you want to order a tank drum complying with your own parameters and sketches, feel free to contact our consultants via e-mail: kosmosky.sales@gmail.com.


You can also discuss all details and ask all questions by the phone: +7 (999) 220 6072 (Alexander).

— How can I choose tank drum tuning?


All tuning modes can be conveniently divided into two types: major (cheerful) and minor (sad) ones. «Major» instruments encourage, create a good mood and enliven you. «Minor» tank drums are thought-provoking, they make you explore yourself and settle down to think. Choose a mood that is closer to you and think how you would like to use a tank drum. Then it will become easier for you to make a choice.


For your convenience, we have recorded some melodies in different tank drum tuning modes. You can find them on the Sound page. Also take a look at the Video page or our YouTube channel where the instruments are demonstrated in a better way.


In addition, we can customize any tonality according to your preferences. Please send your requests to our e-mail: kosmosky.sales@gmail.com and we will do what you need!

— How can I choose a tank drum size?

We usually make tank drums of two diameters: 22 cm and 30 cm. They differ from each other by the depth of sound: the smaller ones are more melodic and the bigger ones have deeper and bass-like sound. The instruments’ weight is also different: 2 kg and 4 kg respectively. It is often a key factor for travelers or those who are going to take a tank drum with them when hiking or going out. Instruments of a larger diameter like 35, 40 and 61 cm are a rare thing. Their orders shall be discussed individually by e-mail: kosmosky.sales@gmail.com.

— Do tank drum petal shape and extra holes matter?


There are two types of tank drum petals (tongues): round and square. Apart from external differences, they produce different sounds. Round petals soften the sound, so that it becomes smoother. Square petals make the sound sharper. As for the extra holes, they are needed to create resonance and avoid excessive humming. It often happens that holes play a key role in the instrument design. A good example is our Flower of Life tank drum line.

— How long does it take to make a tank drum?

We always have a wide range of ready-made tank drums, which can be found at the online store. But if you want to buy a customized instrument, its production time will depend on a particular model. It normally takes from three to ten days to make a tank drum. It’s better to clarify such a matter by e-mail (kosmosky.sales@gmail.com) when ordering a tank drum.

— How can I pay for my tank drum?

You can make an electronic payment after filling out a special form at our online store. In case you choose delivery via a transport company, the payment will be cash on delivery.

— How do you deliver tank drums?


We usually use EMS shipping company for international delivery. This company has the most developed international structure, and all our parcels had always come to the destination points. If your parcel hasn't come to you and was returned by customs, we send it to customer again for our money. Be ready that local customs can ask you to pay some import taxes. It usually takes about 2 weeks for delivery to any part of the World. During Christmas time (and other important holydays) it might take more time, so – if you wish to get your gift right in time – it is better to take care of this in advance. The price of shipping depends on size of a drum and your country.


These are approximately prices of shipping for the most popular models: 
22 cm (9") tank drums – 50-60$ approx. 
30 cm (12") tank drums – 60-80$ approx. 
35 cm (13.7") tank drums – 70-95$ approx.

— How should I care for my tank drum?


Protect the instrument from moisture and extreme temperatures. Keep it in a warm and dry place. Carry it in a case and protect from scratches. Do not hit the petals too hard, don’t deform and bend them out. Do not drop the instrument, treat it carefully. If a tank drum isn’t painted, we recommend wiping it with an oil cloth to protect it from rust. You can use any oil. It is advisable to wipe a tank drum after playing in the fresh air, and also for preventive maintenance once every 2-3 weeks. You can remove excess oil with a dry cloth.

— What's the difference between playing with sticks and playing with the fingers?

If you are only learning to play the tank drum, it’s better to use sticks or mallets. Sticks help to get clean and smooth sound, and also to understand the basic principle of sound making. To make a tank drum "sing" more clearly, you should bang its petals in a sharp and bouncy way.